Cybersecurity: What You Need to Know

Safeguarding your account information from cyber threats is one of our top priorities at Sauk Valley Bank.
We are continuously working to identify new tools, implement new features in our online systems, and ensure that your data and assets are protected.

As we continue to do everything we can to protect your information and assets, the most critical element in the protection of your data is YOU. Read on to learn multiple steps you can take to improve your cybersecurity practices.

Proactive Cybersecurity Tips:

Use Unique Passwords

Be sure to use unique and complex passwords for all of your online financial accounts. It is never a good idea to reuse the same password over and over again. You password needs to be difficult for anyone else to figure out and complex to keep hackers out of your accounts.

Be aware of the location of your mobile devices at all times. Only log on to financial websites when you have a secure, safe & trusted Internet connection.

Keep It Private

You should refrain at all times from sharing your password, account number, PIN, or answers to security questions with anyone else. If you need to save any of the information above to reference later, be sure to store it securely somewhere only you can access it that IS NOT on your mobile device.

You should never save credit or debit card, bank account or routing numbers, or other financial information on your mobile device.

Securely Store Sensitive Information

If you need to save your information to reference it, remember that saving it on your mobile device is not a secure solution. Instead, it’s safe to store them in an encrypted digital location via desktop, or to print and save them as physical copies in a safe deposit box.

Lock Your Mobile Device

Even if you store sensitive information securely, away from your mobile device, you still need to set up an automatic lock on your phone or tablet. You want to be sure that if you lose your device or someone steals it that your data is safe.

Call the Right Number

If you need to contact the bank regarding your debit or credit card, only do so by calling the number on the back of your card or by going to the bank in person. This way you can be positive you’re only sharing information with a bank representative, not someone pretending to be one. Also, know that we will never reach out via text or phone call just to ask you for your personal financial information.

Practice Safe Browsing

Be careful when navigating the internet. Make sure that you only login to your online banking account when you are on a safe and secure internet connection. This means avoiding logging into your banking apps and websites at a local coffee shop or hotel.


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