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Additional Services

Offering a wide range of services to assist you with all of your banking needs.

A Complete Banking Experience.

From license sticker renewals to utilizing our notary services, we provide a variety of additional banking services to ensure you have the best banking experience possible with us.

Additional Services

Sauk Valley Bank strives to offer additional services that best meet our customers’ needs. 

Night Depository

Sauk Valley Bank’s 24-hour Night Depository at all of our full-service banking locations. This is a safe, secure, and convenient way of making deposits when the bank is closed for both individuals or businesses1
  • 6 convenient, well lit locations
  • Deposits verified by two employees
  • Records kept of all night deposits received
  • No worry about cash held at home or office

Safe Deposit Boxes2

With a safe deposit box, safeguard your family heirlooms, irreplaceable items with great sentimental value, stock certificates, your will, and your insurance policies in a safe deposit box. Sauk Valley Bank offers a variety of safe deposit box sizes and prices. Speak with a Universal Banker at our Sterling Main, Rock Falls, and Dixon South locations for sizes and fees.

Direct Deposit Service

With our free direct deposit service, your U.S. government check, Social Security, retirement, or paycheck can be electronically deposited into your bank account, eliminating trips to the bank as well as concern over lost or stolen checks.

Wire Transfer Service

If you or someone you know needs cash in a hurry, we can arrange a same-day transfer to almost any location, foreign or domestic. To arrange a wire transfer please see one of our Universal Bankers at one of our convenient locations.

Foreign Currency & Drafts

Sauk Valley Bank makes it easy to obtain currency for most foreign countries. Simply notify us 7-10 business days before money is required. Foreign drafts are also available for your convenience.

Cashier’s Checks & Personal Money Orders

If you’re making a sizable cash purchase or transaction, a Cashier’s Check or Personal Money Order is a good option. Recognized and accepted as readily as cash by almost every store, resort or institution, they represent the bank’s obligation rather than your personal obligation.

Notary Services

If you need to have your signature on a document legally verified, we have bank staff members who are notary publics. We can also provide signature guarantees for stock transactions. These services are free to our customers.
Contact our Solutions Center to find the nearest notary public to you.

Signature Guarantee Service

Sauk Valley Bank offers a signature guarantee device on Securities documents of the account holder. This is generally required by the Securities Exchange Commission when Stock or Securities are changed or sold. The maximum value we are able to perform a Signature Guarantee for is $100,000. We provide this service free to our customers.

Coin Counting

Sauk Valley Bank offers a free coin counting service at all banking locations. Bring in your loose change and one of our tellers will take care of the rest. As a Sauk Valley Bank customer, there is no fee to use this service. You may also have your children bring their change in to start saving for the future.

License Sticker Renewals

Sauk Valley Bank makes renewing your vehicle registration easy with license sticker renewals at all 7 of our full-service locations.

Overdraft Protection

The best protection you can have on your checking account. Once approved, you’ll no longer have to worry about those checking account errors and embarrassing overdraft fees. Money will be transferred to your Sauk Valley Bank checking account to maintain a positive balance and you pay interest on only the outstanding balance…no more overdraft fees!

  • Eliminates NSF charges
  • Open line of credit linked to checking account
  • $25 annual fee
  • First year annual fee is free
  • Automatic payment directly from checking account 10 days after statement cycle
  • Deposits $100 increments into checking account
  • No service charge for incremental deposits
  • Interest rate is 15% APR
  • Minimum monthly payment required of $25.00 or 3% of current balance whichever is greater.

Why Choose Sauk Valley Bank?

At Sauk Valley Bank, we work hard to find the solutions that fit your unique banking needs. With a variety of banking and lending options, our team has the experience and flexibility to find the right solution to fit your needs.

We are committed to serving our communities with the highest quality of service. We focus on you and your needs – and offer you flexible and convenient solutions. Our aim is to build lifelong relationships, one customer at a time.

Ready To Get Started?

If you're ready to get started, our team can help you make the switch to Sauk Valley Bank today! Already have an account but think a Additional Services is right for you? Our team can assist you in finding the right options to fit your needs and lifestyle. Find the nearest location or contact our Solutions Center.

1 We suggest our commercial customers use a night drop bag with lock and key. You can drop off bags at night and pick them up the next morning or working day.
2 Safe Deposit Boxes are non-FDIC insured.


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