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Lines of Credit

A source of short-term cash flow.

Flexibility When You Need It Most 

An Agricultural Operating Line of Credit from Sauk Valley Bank provides a funding source for short-term cash flow needs. Today’s farming operation requires a large cash investment, and having a source of funds gives you flexibility when you need it most. 

Why Open a Line of Credit? 

Today’s farming operation require a large cash investment, and having a source of funds for crop demands, irrigation systems, equipment, and other seasonal needs can help streamline your operation. An Ag Operating Line of Credit can also help meet your cash needs until your commodities are ready to go to market.

Access funds anytime via the following ways:

  • By phone
  • In person
  • Online (through Online Banking)
  • Auto advance via a sweep

How can a Line of Credit be used?

An Ag Line of Credit is designed with your operation in mind. We work to get to know your farm business and how we can best be of assistance in reaching your goals. A line of credit gives you the flexibility to address a variety of situations when and how you need too.

Crop Demands

A source of funds to meet all crop demands.

Purchase Equipment

Add equipment to your operation.

Irrigation Systems

Purchase irrigation systems that fit your operation’s needs.

Seasonal Demands

Meet the seasonal demands of your operation with flexible funds. 

Our Roots Run Deep 

Serving generations of farmers, Sauk Valley Bank has its roots in agricultural lending. With over 70 years of combined experience in beef, dairy and hog operations, our Ag Lending team’s background in production agriculture and Agribusiness helps us understand the needs of those in our community. 

Sauk Valley Bank is preferred lender for the Farm Service Agency guaranteed loan program. 


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