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Equipment Leasing

A short-term lease agreement for equipment which is returned at the end of the term.

Real Advantages 

Equipment Leasing through Sauk Valley Bank gives you added advantages compared to traditional leasing. We know you and your business, and have an established, trusted relationship. We understand your objectives and unlike traditional leasing companies, we never charge termination or prepayment penalties should you need flexibility during the term of your lease. 

What is Equipment Leasing? 

Equipment leasing is a contractual agreement between you and the lessee for a set period of time. During that time you have access to the equipment and return it upon completion of the term.

Equipment Leasing may allow you to achieve a lower monthly payment than purchasing equipment and may be a better choice if your equipment needs are temporary. 

How can Equipment Leasing be used?

A lease can be obtained for a variety of equipment applications including agricultural, construction, manufacturing, municipalities, and schools. Coordinating all your banking and equipment financing activity with one bank is convenient, saving you time.


  • 100% financing available – no down payment required
  • New or used equipment
  • Variable payment for seasonal customers
  • Fixed rate for the lease term
  • Most leases can be structured to meet tax objectives
  • Exclusive feature of Sauk Valley Bank equipment leasing
  • Allows you to increase or decrease your payment during the lease term depending on need for tax shelter

Popularly Leased Equipment


Expand your operation with additional equipment.

Tractor Trailers 

Get your commodities to market with a tractor trailer.


Lease construction equipment to help you get the job done.

Commercial Vehicles

Expand your fleet by leasing commercial vehicles. 

Our Roots Run Deep 

Serving generations of farmers, Sauk Valley Bank has its roots in agricultural lending. With over 70 years of combined experience in beef, dairy and hog operations, our Ag Lending team’s background in production agriculture and Agribusiness helps us understand the needs of those in our community. 




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