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Institutional Investments

Institutional-level custody services.

Helping You Manage Your Investment.

Sauk Valley Bank offers custody solutions to enhance your institution’s success.

Our custody services aim to give you comprehensive and consolidated insights into your holdings at any given time. This allows you the ability to have access to your portfolio information whenever you need it, providing transparency and convenience—enabling you with the ability to monitor your investments, track performance and assess your overall financial position.

Gain peace of mind, comprehensive insights and added security, through our custody services solution by letting us support your financial goals.

Financial Services That Cater to You

Our industry experts focus on safeguarding and administering your assets and securities on an institutional level.

As your custodian, we focus on safeguarding and administering your assets and securities, as well as providing:

Ensure the safekeeping of various types of assets, including equities, fixed income securities, derivatives, mutual funds, and alternative investments.

Facilitate the settlement of transactions executed by institutional investors. This involves coordinating the delivery of securities and the transfer of funds between relevant parties, ensuring timely and accurate settlement.

Collect income generated by the institutional clients’ investments, including interest payments, dividends, and coupons. Additionally,  this also includes processing and distributing these income payments to the appropriate accounts.

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At Sauk Valley Bank, we work hard to find the solutions that fit your unique banking needs. With a variety of banking and lending options, our team has the experience and flexibility to find the right solution to fit your needs.

We are committed to serving our communities with the highest quality of service. We focus on you and your needs – and offer you flexible and convenient solutions. Our aim is to build lifelong relationships, one customer at a time.


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