Be Great, Donate 8

Strengthening our communities is a key component of Sauk Valley Bank’s culture. That’s why we’ve developed an employee volunteer program called Be Great, Donate 8. Instead of simply telling our employees about how much we prioritize volunteering, we show them by giving our employees 8 hours of paid time off to volunteer for a charitable organization of their choice. Be Great, Donate 8 is an opportunity for employees to partner with non-profits each year and make an impact in their communities.

Over the last seven years, we’ve seen our program participation grow, with employees donating more hours than ever before and becoming more involved in non-profits, while growing the impact and reach of the program.

More than Volunteering

Be Great, Donate 8 helps address the critical need for volunteers, every day, every week, every year. Our program meets the volunteer shortage by encouraging our employees to volunteer during a time that they would normally be at work. Organizations desperately need volunteer assistance to fulfill their missions within the communities they serve and we are proud to play a role in supporting their efforts.

Our employees continue to choose non-profit organizations that have missions they believe in. Organizations such as Sauk Valley Food Bank, United Way, Granny Rose Animal Shelter, Home of Hope, and more play a pivotal role in making this program a success. We’re proud to say that the program itself has grown into more than just volunteer work. Be Great, Donate 8 is now an additional avenue for our employees to build their community and spark the changes they want to see. It’s for this reason that numerous members of our team volunteer to serve on the boards of area non-profits, helping to further their growth even more.

Donate 8 Impact by the Numbers

Since launching our employee volunteer initiative Be Great, Donate 8 in 2016 we have donated a total of 3,635 hours back to non-profit organizations. We’re pleased to report that in 2022, our team volunteered 692 hours back to our communities. This is an increase of 177 hours, or 35% more, over the prior year, with more than half of our employees volunteering the maximum number of hours. 

The Future of Donate 8

As of November 2023, our employees have donated over 740 hours, already surpassing 2022’s number by 48 hours. We are on track to finish 2023 strong and achieve our goal of 800 hours donated by the end of the year.

As our footprint and workforce continue to grow, we see our program’s reach expanding. We appreciate the relationships that have been built with our non-profits and thank our employees who have made a difference in our communities.  


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