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New Digital Banking Experience

A New Digital Banking Experience Is Here!

Our online and mobile banking systems have been upgraded to a simpler, smoother and more secure platform.

What to Expect

This update will simplify how you manage your accounts and create a more uniform look and feel across all your devices when utilizing our online and mobile banking.

  • Easily Manage Transactions: View recent transactions and payments
  • Quickly Set Alerts: Set up alerts so you know when your balance drops below a certain amount
  • Transfer Funds: Transfer money between your SVB accounts quickly and easily
  • Enhanced Mobile App:
    • Make payments, whether you’re paying a company or a friend
    • Reorder your debit card or turn it off if you’ve misplaced it
    • Deposit checks in a snap by taking a picture of the front and back
  • And so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Sauk Valley Bank migrated to the new digital banking platform on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

We’re automatically transitioning existing digital banking customers to the new system. You’ll simply need the new mobile app OR to visit the new online banking link from the Sauk Valley Bank website, as well as your username and password to log in. In addition, you will need to complete a few one-time actions including setting up Two Factor Authentication.

  1. Download the new Sauk Valley Bank mobile app (available the morning of Tuesday May 21st) from the App Store® or Google Play™ OR Visit the new Sauk Valley Bank online banking dashboard through the login button on the Sauk Valley Bank website (available the morning of Tuesday May 21st).
  2. Enter your username and password. Your username and password for online and mobile banking will stay the same during our online banking upgrade. If you don’t remember your login credentials, give us a call.
  3. Choose your verification method for 2-step authentication.
    1. If you choose to authenticate via a phone call or text message, enter your phone number and select how you would like to receive your codes.
    2. If you choose to authenticate via the Authy app, enter your email and phone number and select how you would like to receive codes. If you choose to use the authenticator app, you will need to follow the link to download it on your mobile device.
    3. If you choose to authenticate via a different authenticator app, you will be asked to scan the code provided.
    4. Enter the verification code you receive. If you are using a personal device, you can check the box to forgo 2-step authentication on that browser in the future.
    5. Read and accept the user agreement.
    6. Set and confirm a passcode.
  4. Review e-statements preferences OR Enroll in e-statements
    1. Choose an account from the Dashboard > eStatements > Sign Up/Changes
  5. Review account alert preferences
    1. Choose an account from the Dashboard >Alert preferences
    2. From here, add Balance alerts or Transaction alerts to your account

Please verify your external recurring payments are still scheduled.  If not, you will need to re-enter them.

These services are likely to lose connection when our digital banking systems are upgraded. 

Plaid or Plaid owned app Users

  • You will need to disconnect and reconnect to re-establish connectivity.

Intuit Users

  • We have requested that Intuit make changes on May 21st to accommodate this upgrade, however their processes can take several days to complete.
  • The connection between Sauk Valley Bank and Intuit will be down for up to 7 business days following the upgrade.
  • Intuit Quicken and/or QuickBooks WebConnect connections will be updated to point to our new online banking platform.
  • We recommend any customers that are using Intuit products use a 2FA method of authentication.
    Symantec tokens have been known to cause connection issues.

All Other Third-Party Aggregators

  • You may need to make your provider aware of any connection issues so they can work to correct it on their end.

Note: If we have previously set you up with a separate login just for QuickBooks or other accounting software, due to the token used at login, this is no longer necessarily required.  Your Cash Management login will be able to connect to these 3rd party programs.

Yes. Safari has undergone changes that no longer allow cookies, which are what  our Digital Banking uses to authenticate your device. This will impact you if you’re accessing your E-Statements or possibly, Bill Pay. 

To fix this, you will need to disable cookie detection by taking the following steps. 

  1. Select the Safari menu and click “preferences”
  2. Navigate to the “privacy” tab
  3. Make sure that “Block All Cookies” is unchecked

Alternatively, you can use a different web browser to access your online banking.

If you have 21 or more accounts, viewing all transactions for all accounts is disabled to ensure the speed and stability of the app. You will view transactions for each account individually, and transaction searches must be performed on a single account at a time.

This limitation only affects visible accounts—that is, those accounts that have the Account Setting Show balance and activity (Mobile) or Display activity and transactions (Online/People) enabled. Hidden accounts do not apply toward the 20 account threshold, and hiding accounts can bring you back below this threshold.

Important Details for Cash Management Customers

  • If you use Favorites or Bookmarks, be sure to delete the old site and use the new one.
  • Cash Management functions will not change, only how you get to them. 
  • Balance and Transaction Alerts will need to be recreated.
  • Business Bill Pay will be accessed by clicking on the Cash Management tab, and then the Bill Pay tab. It will no longer be accessible through the Sauk Valley Bank app.
  • For specific Cash management alerts on ACH, Wires, etc. continue to access those under Options > Alerts while in NetTeller.

If you have any questions regarding these upgrades, please contact your Sauk Valley Bank branch or call (815) 632-4490.

We’re excited to continue to serve you with our enhanced digital banking services!


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