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Grey sign with the word Open used outside a business surrounded by lush greenery and plants. The word dream in dark orange script font and the word Big all capital letters in mint green serif font.
Dream Big With SVB

Small Businesses continuously strive to Dream Big. At Sauk Valley Bank, we’re proud to partner with many small businesses in our communities to work towards achieving their goals. As we continue to Dream Big and work towards improving our communities, we encourage everyone to shop local and support our small business owners who make the Sauk Valley a wonderful place to live, work, and shop!

Female bookstore owner stands in her shop surrounded by books on bookshelves as part of the Dream Big small business campaign.

Books On First

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Local and community is what Books on First and Sauk Valley Bank are about. When we opened in 1998, all the banks in Dixon were local, so choosing a banker was based on other factors. That’s less true today. Through the years, we saw how community-oriented SVB is, sponsoring local programs, and supporting local businesses. That’s the reason why we began doing business with SVB.

During the 2020 pandemic shutdowns, SVB kept us in mind, providing a source for the PPP Loan application and nominating Books on First for a community grant so that we could make it through.  We appreciate SVB being here for us.

Carolyn Chin | Owner & Manager
Product / Service: Merchant Services & PPP Loan Assistance

Female small business owner stands next to her store's large brick building  exterior on a sunny day as part of the dream big small business campaign.

Twin City Farmers Market

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Sauk Valley Bank has been a tremendous partner for Sterling Main Street and the Twin City Farmers Market over the years.  SVB works with our Farmers Market vendors to provide simple credit card processing solutions which allows our vendors to provide more payment options to their customers which in turn allows them to continue to grow their business. 

The staff of SVB is always at the ready to help fill volunteer needs for Sterling Main Street’s community events which bring people to the downtown business district and to the small businesses located here. 

Janna Groharing | Executive Director
Product / Service: Merchant Services

Older male business owner stands in an art gallery with several paintings on the wall in the background.

The Next Picture Show

Sauk Valley Bank has been a strong and faithful supporter of TNPS over the years through a number of ways including sponsorships, bank accounts and the loan financing  for our building.

Michael Glenn | Executive Director
Product / Services: Commercial Banking & Commercial Lending

Female small business owner stands next to the door to her store on a sunny day as part of the dream big small business campaign.

Merle Norman Sterling

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We used SVB’s Cash Management services. I realized when I was on vacation that I forgot to sign payroll checks. One call to the accountant and the other call to SVB and Cassandra Salmon came to the rescue with direct deposit. 

I’ll always remember how important each and every client is to SVB I remember one super busy holiday open house, Tara came in on a Friday night and came back on Saturday to make sure our terminal was up and running. 

Becky Murray | President
Product / Service: Commercial Banking

Female small business owner stands in her store next to colorful display as part of the dream big small business campaign.

The Beautiful You Boutique

As a Small Business Owner, and coming from a small community, I feel Sauk Valley Bank is a huge asset to the Sauk Valley Area. I appreciate the support and dedication of the SVB staff and team.

Sauk Valley Bank has always gone above and beyond in assisting our small business to grow to where we are today, 14 years later. Thank you!

Amanda Jacobs | President
Product / Service: Commercial Banking

Female Small Business owner stands in her store next to a shelf display as part of the Dream Big small business campaign.

Primitive Frills

As a small business, I know I can count on SVB to help with all my banking needs.

Tara Beer is ready with all the answers or can find me the help I need, not to mention the popcorn. I couldn’t be happier with the services provided to me. Thank you SVB!

Sonia Robinson | Owner
Product / Service: Commercial Banking

Dream Big with SVB. We’re in business with you.

We want your business to flourish and we have the tools and features that can help you achieve your business goals.

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