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customer service: 815.632.4490
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Retail Banking Team

Photo of Pam Fluck

Pam Fluck

VP Innovative Client Solutions - Sterling-East
(815) 632-4636

Photo of Lindsey Pistole

Lindsey Pistole

Retail Director
(815) 632-4717

Photo of Sarah Hoyle

Sarah Cleary

AVP Retail Market Manager - Rock Falls
(815) 632-4715

Photo of Brenna Chapman

Brenna Chapman

AVP Retail Market Manager- Dixon
(815) 632-4487

Photo of Cat

Catherine Skinner

Retail Market Manager-Sterling East
(815) 632-4752

Photo of Violeta

Violeta Nava

Retail Market Manager-Sterling Main
(815) 632-4743

Photo of Taylor

Taylor Boostrom

Retail Market Manager- Sterling North
(815) 632-4610

Photo of Jessica James

Jessica James

Assistant Retail Market Manager- Rock Falls
(815) 632-4631

Photo of Meagen Mullan

Meagen Mullan

Universal Banker - Rock Falls
(815) 632-4631

Photo of Cindi Kelchner

Cindi Kelchner

Universal Banker-Dixon
(815) 284-2029

Photo of Danielle Hall

Danielle Hall

Universal Banker - Dixon
(815) 284-2031

Allison Shuman photo

Allison Shuman

Universal Banker- Sterling Main
(815) 632-4706

Courtney Cannoot

Courtney Cannoot

Universal Banker - Sterling East
(815) 632-4750

Tavia Cribbs

Tavia Cribbs

Universal Banker - Sterling North
(815) 632-4484

Brianna Greer Photo

Brianna Greer

Universal Banker - Dixon
(815) 284-2300

Michelle Vickers, Universal Banker

Michelle Vickers

Universal Banker- Sterling East
(815) 632-4750

Melissa Morel- Universal Banker

Melissa Morel

Universal Banker- Sterling Main
(815) 632-4484

Photo of Haleigh Hermeyer

Haleigh Hermeyer

Universal Banker- Sterling North
(815) 626-5996

Picture of Tyler Stacey

Tyler Stacey

Universal Banker- Dixon
(815) 284-2031

photo of Sarah Bereckis

Sarah Bereckis

Universal Banker- Rock Falls
(815) 632-4631

photo of Gina Smith

Gina Smith

Unidersal Banker- Rock Falls
(815) 632-4631

Photo of Rebecca McDevitt

Rebecca McDevitt

Teller- Harvard, IL
(815) 887-5133

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