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Processing times for ACH debits are changing:

Beginning on Friday, September 15th, the Federal Reserve will process ACH (Automated Clearing House) debits same day.

With same day ACH debits, you will now be able to authorize a payment to come out of your account the same day it is due. In the past, those payments may have taken a day or two to clear your account.

Some examples of ACH debits include:
• Electronic payments
• Automatic drafts
• Check conversions

What you should know:
• When you authorize a merchant or biller to debit your account, that debit may withdraw funds from your account on the same day. You will need to have sufficient funds in your account at the time the payment or item is initiated.
• If you have pre-authorized a recurring electronic payment, such as an electric bill, cable bill, etc., this is a good time to review your agreement with the service provider and verify the effective date of your payment, as it may be deducted from your account on that day.
• Sauk Valley Bank wants to help you stay in control of your finances. If you have not enrolled in online banking, or downloaded our mobile app, let us help you today! These services allow you to stay in touch with your finances 24/7.

If you have any questions around same day ACH debits, contact our customer service center via email at, or call us at 815-626-5996.

Thank you for banking with the Team You Can Trust.

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