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Mobile Deposits FAQs

What is the SVB Mobile Deposit service?

SVB Mobile Deposit lets you make deposits with your mobile device by taking a picture of the front and back of a check.

Who is eligible to use the Mobile Deposit service?

Customers who wish to utilize Mobile Deposit will need to enroll in the service. Criteria used for approval is dependent upon current account standing, overdraft history and other critical factors.

How do I get Mobile Deposit?

Download our app, and submit your application through the Mobile Deposit tab within the menu.

How does Mobile Deposit work?

Mobile Deposit will prompt for the amount of the check, and will use the camera function on your phone to have you take a picture of the front and back of the check you wish to deposit. The check is then reviewed for deposit.

*Please note: ALL checks must be endorsed “Mobile Deposit Only” along with a signature to be approved.

Can I deposit a check into a savings account?

Absolutely, as long as you have added the savings account within Mobile Deposit.

How do I add another account to the Mobile Deposit Service?

If you would like to deposit into additional accounts please contact our Customer Call Center at 815-632-4490 and they will be able to assistance you with this process.

What types of checks can I deposit?

Any check can be deposited as long as it’s within your limits. Checks must be made payable to the account owner or joint owners that have been properly endorsed with “For Mobile Deposit Only” and the owner’s signature.

What types of checks can’t I deposit?

  • No foreign checks
  • No bonds
  • No 3rd party checks
  • No returned or re-deposited items
  • No rebate checks
  • No Western Union money orders

What are the cut-off times for deposits made with Mobile Deposit?

4 P.M. Central Time (M-F) is the cut-off time for deposits made on a business day, any checks submitted after 4 P.M. or on a non-business day will be made on the following business day.

When will my mobile deposit be available?

Our policy is to make funds from your check deposits available to you on the first business day after the day we receive your deposit.

*Further review may be required on certain items, and will follow our Funds Availability Policy.

How will I know if there’s a problem with my mobile deposit after I submit it?

You will receive a text message stating that your check has been accepted or rejected for deposit before 4 P.M. on the business day it was received.

What should I do with my paper check after using mobile deposit?

We recommend you hold on to the deposited check for at least 5 business days.

Are there fees for using Mobile Deposit?

No.  Our mobile deposit service is free for our customers.

Message and data rates may apply.  Please check with your communication service provider for access rates, texting charges, and other applicable fees.

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