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Cash Management

Cash Management offers a wide variety of services such as wire transfers and multiple ACH options i.e., direct deposit, direct debit, and federal & state tax payments.

Cash Management is tailored to individual business needs. It allows customers to set up multiple users within their organization with restricted or full access to Cash Management functions and accounts. Each user can be set up according to special specifications allowing them to access only what’s authorized for them. This ability allows set up of dual control methods, which is recommended, to minimize error and to safeguard against internal fraudulent activity.

Safe, convenient, and secure – Sauk Valley Bank’s Cash Management services allow you to easily manage your business finances.

Benefits of Cash Management

  • Convenient and safe anytime access to your account with NetTeller. This powerful, user-friendly, financial tool provides 24-hour access to your accounts as well as other convenient features.
  • Perform one-time and/or schedule transfers between accounts
  • Conduct transaction searches by date, amount or check number
  • Originate and upload your ACH files
  • Originate wire transfers (discounted fee for wires initiated online)
  • Originate direct deposit and direct payment
  • Send electronic federal and state tax payments
  • Move cash balances between accounts
  • Ongoing customer service support at no charge through the Sauk Valley Bank Customer Call Center
  • Setup direct payments with Bill Pay
  • Stop payments
  • Unlimited users
  • Administrator can provide different levels of account access per user

Payroll Processing

The ACH network is used to transmit funds electronically between financial institutions. Sauk Valley Bank offers the ACH network via the Cash Management ACH options, allowing businesses to utilize applications such as:

Direct Deposit

  • Internet based payroll processing options
  • Setting up and sending Direct Deposit payroll
  • Quickly set up the direct deposit, verify it and initiate it without hassle.
  • Direct Deposit to transfer funds into a consumer’s bank account.
  • Direct Deposit can represent a variety of products such as payroll, bonuses, advances, payments, and much more.

Direct Debit

Direct Debit benefits companies with billing operations, allowing them to electronically debit a consumer’s bank account for payment. The consumer grants the company, by written authorization, to initiate periodic charges to his or her account as bills become due.

Direct debit can be used for many different obligations, including; utility, rent, mortgage payments, membership dues, and donations.

State and Federal Tax Payments

Send state and federal tax payments using the Cash Management ACH Options. You must first enroll with the respected parties below, before you can begin sending your tax payments online with Cash Management.

Federal Tax Payments (EFTPS)
Visit or call the EFTPS Customer Service Center at
1-800-555-4477 or 1-800-945-8400.

State Tax Payments
Visit or call the Illinois Department of Revenue’s EFT
Help Line at (800) 732-8866.

When requesting an enrollment form be sure to mention that you will be sending your taxes ACH credit via your financial institution.

Cash Concentration and Disbursement

Cash concentration and disbursement allows companies to achieve efficiencies in cash management through timely intra-company transfer of funds. The Cash Concentration and Disbursement application can be used to either distribute or consolidate funds between corporate entities. Using this application, a limited amount of payment related data could be included with the funds transfer if needed.

Corporate Trade Payments

Corporate trade payments enable corporations to exchange both data and funds with trading partners, facilitating an automated process of updating their account receivable and accounts payable systems. The Corporate Trade Exchange application supports the transfer of funds (debit or credit), within a trading partner relationship, in which a message or payment related information is sent with the funds transfer using multiple addenda records.

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