About Sauk Valley Bank

A group of bankers, other business people and farmers from the Sauk Valley area realized the need to start a "community bank". Corporate banks were becoming more focused on their own needs rather than those of its customers and the community. There was a need for a bank that listens to its customers and handles decisions locally. A bank where you are a face with a name, and not just a number. 

The idea was received with open arms from people living and working in the Sauk Valley area who were willing to invest in this new venture. The preliminary plan to form Sauk Valley Bank was conceived. On July 9, 1999, Sauk Valley Bank became a reality and opened for business in a temporary modular unit in Sterling while the permanent office was being built.

We continued to expand our services in the community by opening a facility in Rock Falls in 2001. After doing business in a rented location for 6 years, we built a new banking center, which opened in July of 2007. Leaving little time between projects, we broke ground for our Dixon Office in that same year; once again utilizing the "modular facility" while the construction of the new building was underway. The new building was open for business on January 7, 2008. In continuing to better serve our customers, we expanded our services in Sterling as we opened a second location on June 10, 2013 in our newly remodeled East end location.

Our philosophy and goals are the same today as they were back then: To provide the best service and products to the people of the Sauk Valley area by offering personal and commercial deposit accounts, loans and investment options.

We are proud of the quality service we provide, and we have adopted a pledge that we call RADAR, and that pledge is our guiding star:

At Sauk Valley Bank, we build our RELATIONSHIPS around ACCOUNTABILITY to our customers and by DELIGHTING them with the ATTENTION and RESPECT they deserve.

Taking a quick look back while thinking about our future, we are confident that we have weathered the storm of the financial crisis by being well capitalized with strong financial footings. As we move forward we continue to implement new regulations that apply to our size of bank while keeping our day-to-day operations working smoothly. We have some great bankers that are hard at work finding efficiencies and new ways of looking at our business so that we can minimize the impact of rising operating costs as a result of these new regulations. 

New technology is ever present, and we plan to continue maintaining our state-of-the-art posture. Our goal is to provide the best products and services possible to our customers and our community. 

As mentioned before, we are a locally-owned community bank, with roots right here in the Sauk Valley. We planned it that way from the beginning, and we will be here for you in the future. Sauk Valley Bank is the team you can trust.